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a bit about me:

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and now live in Central Florida. Over the last twenty years, I have taught children and teens in church youth programs and public schools. I have four kids of my own, and a very supportive husband who puts up with the disappearance of his wife on a daily basis. He knows where to find me though-- I'm usually sitting in front of the computer, off in my imaginary world, creating another story.

My most recent project is a YA contemporary fantasy novel entitled, VANISHING POINT. The story jumps through famous art much like moving through classic novels in Jasper Fforde's, Thursday Next series. It also has the underlying current of a classic fairy tale with an artful modern twist. I believe fans of Marissa Meyer and Rosamund Hodge will find themselves held captive within the pages of this story. To find out more click the button.

My other works include a thrilling upper-middle grade sci-fiction/fantasy series. The first in the sequence is DARIAN LORD: AGAINST THE THIEVING SKY. This is a tale where technology is killing off magic but the magical world won't be extingushed that easily. A champion fell into the land, a boy named,Darian Lord. If you like the imaginitive adventure found in Neil Gaiman's STARDUST, the quirky fun of A.G. Howard's SPINTERED and the technology-laced fantasy of Eion Colfer's ARTEMIS FOUL there's a good chance you'll like this story. Tapping the bubble above will take you into this world.

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